Dynamic Holidays

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Sports for Athletes and Amateurs

In Sabaudia there is a lot of greenery and lots of outdoor spaces where you can play sports. Many northern European rowing athletes know this well, choosing it for their training in winter and spring.

In Sabaudia, in addition to sports professionals, there are many ordinary people who, instead of stopping under the umbrella to read a book, prefer to have dynamic and active holidays.

We offer some ideas to the most dynamic tourists:

The Waterlife association organizes beautiful guided canoe excursions on Lake Sabaudia, among the semi-submerged caves of Mount Circeo, on the nearby Cavata river.

In Sabaudia there are various associations that manage sailing courses, for children and adults, on Lake Sabaudia. Please note: the Sailing and Sailing School and the Naval League .

For those who want to learn Kyte Surf, we recommend contacting: kitesurflatina

If you love and want to practice cycling and mountain biking, you can do it yourself. We recommend 2 types of itineraries: in the forest on the dirt paths, or on the road, along the lakes or along the seafront road.

For flight enthusiasts with ultralight airplanes, we report the names of two airfields in the area: Flying Club Sabaudia , Pegaso Club 2000 Pontinia.

If you are interested in sport fishing, horse riding, mini golf, excursions and more, find lots of information on these sites: Pro Loco Sabaudia and "Zingarate" .

Finally, for information and ideas on what to see in Sabaudia and in the Circeo National Park, we recommend that you visit these sites: what-see-sabaudia , pontine excellences , Sentiero / Circeo and Scalfati .