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four steps in history

Sabaudia is a modern city of 20000 inhabitants.
From an urban point of view, it is characterized by being one of the few Italian municipalities designed since its foundation, 80 years ago, during the monarchy and fascism, during the great reclamation of the Pontine marshes and the partial deforestation of the rainforest that covered them. .

The road network and the main buildings were designed by a group of famous Italian architects. The names of the main streets and of the city itself are dedicated to the royal family of Savoy. There are many gardens, wide and flat avenues, little traffic, no lights !

If we were not in Italy, the origins of a country born of nothing, would end here.
But with us, history re-emerges everywhere, overwhelmingly, and leads us to very remote times .

In fact, a few steps from the center, there is a first historical building built "only" in the Middle Ages:
the church of the Sorresca , a romantic building on the banks of the lake, where fishermen once lived.

A few kilometers away, in the middle of the forest, we find the remains of the immense Villa of the Roman Emperor Titus Flavio DOMIZIANO .
Among the ruins that have arrived, it strikes a lot the imposing hydraulic system, which includes some underground reservoirs, big as cathedrals.

A few kilometers further, we find in the same Monte Circeo, the face of the sorceress Circe , who captured Ulysses and his companions, and that today we witness the knowledge of the territory by the ancient Greeks.

A couple of kilometers further on, on the seafront of San Felice Circeo, there is a cave, where a century ago, the remains of a Neanderthal man were found.