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walks between green and blue

Sabaudia is home to one of the main Italian parks: the Circeo National Park.

The park takes its name from Mount Circeo, famous because Homer imagined that Maga Circe lived there, who would have captured Ulysses and his companions, in one of the stages of the memorable journey.

The mountain has the fascinating profile of a human face, which probably inspired the Homeric myth.

The park also includes: the coastal lakes, rich in migratory fauna; a large forest in the plains and, finally, the pontine island of Zannone .

For those who want to visit the park, it is advisable to start from the Visitor Center (on the outskirts of Sabaudia); then continue with a walk through the streets that line the four coastal lakes, where it is very nice to do bird watching .

On the shores of Lago di Fogliano (17 km away) then, there is Villa Fogliano : a beautiful park built by the ancient Caetani family in the 19th century. Very recommended for a walk in the green, on the shores of the lake, with children.