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golden beaches

In summer, the favorite holiday destination of Sabaudia, is its beautiful beach of golden sand, more than 19 km long, which reaches the base of Mount Circeo.

The Pontine plain ends on the shores of four coastal lakes:
Fogliano, Caprolace, Monaci and Paola or Sabaudia.
These lakes, 1-3 km long each, and about 200 meters wide, are then separated from the sea by a strip of dunes of the same width.

The sea is open and very clean:
SABAUDIA boasts the BLUE FLAG, uninterruptedly, for 16 years now.

Through a coastal road, which crosses the entire dune strip, tourists reach the beach, punctuated by free stretches and other managed by about 40 equipped beaches.

There are beaches for all tastes, ages and ... .. the pockets!

They range from the most elegant of the two large hotels, to others frequented by families.
From those preferred by young people, to others that allow you, even, to choose the point of the beach where you can plant your umbrella!